hello tumblr, it’s been quite awhile since i’ve last updated, I finished school a little less than a month ago, but since doing so I’ve been super lazy and doing nothing productive what so ever.

I haven’t been drawing much at all, just a few doodles in my sketch book and that’s all. I feel really unmotivated lately which is a shame because usually I draw so much during my summer break. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling soon.

Since my last update, I finally got a job. C: Myer ended up hiring me although I was so absolutely positive that they wouldn’t. I’m so very, very grateful though. I’m able to feed myself these days and have already bought all my school books for next year which I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to afford this time two months ago. I even was able to afford to go and hang out with friends last week. Having this job just takes so much stress off me, although that may also be partially due to not having school on. My job is only Christmas casual though and my contract ends in February, so hopefully I’ll be able to save enough money to last me throughout the year, or find a job after I’m dropped from the team.

In other updates, I’ve been trying to grow out my fringe since I’ve had them for three years and I’m getting bored of them. Though I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with them once theyve grown out. :\ I really cant pull of side parts/side fringes, since my face looks really off when my hair isn’t symmetrical. 

I’ve just been braiding my bangs or pinning them back these days (though these photos are two-three weeks old) but It does get annoying to do so everyday since I’m used to being super lazy with my hair and not having to touch it at all.

(just casually camwhoring before work~~)

I’ve been wearing circle lenses a lot lately. Usually my bambi grey or my geo sakura pinks. I don’t really like the design of my pinks very much, the brown outer ring doesn’t look as nice/natural as I was hoping. >: I kinda wish I bought the eos candy pinks instead, but it’s alright. The color comes out purpley/brown over my eyes but I kinda like that because it actually matches the eyshadows I’ve been wearing perfectly~~ I do want another pair of pink lenses though :3

But yeah, I guess that’s really all that’s happened in my life recently, really. D: I had a pretty bad day today though which I’ll blog about separately OTL

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